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This page contains helpful links, information on Books about the Camino de Santiago, along with other resource information such as our Itinerary (2003 & 2005), Equipment List, etc.


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Buen Camino-Hiking the Camino de Santiago is our day to day experience on the Camino. With over 160 photos and a practical description of life on the trail it is a must read for anyone interested in the Camino de Santiago Also in Kindle   El Camino de Santiago-A Pictorial Pilgrimage is a collection of color photos and artwork depicting the Camino de Santiago. The vivid images contained in this book will bring back memories of the Camino to anyone who has made the pilgrimage and will inspire the future pilgrim


  The Pilgrim's Guide to the Camino Frances by John Brierley is the guidebook we used on both of our Camino trips. Small enough to carry with lots of information, photos and up to date maps. Our copy is well worn from being used so much on the trail.   A Journey of Days by Guy Thatcher is one of the best day-to-day Camino books that I have read. It is well written, funny, accurate, and up to date. I could not put it down and enjoyed every page. I have the Kindle edition which is a great buy. Read this book  
  Camino Chronicle by Susan Alcorn is a great read about her and her husbands(Ralph) hike on the Camino in 2001. Good day-to-day info along with information on how to prepare for the trip. Also lots of history and interesting facts. If you have an interest in the Camino you will enjoy this book.   El Camino de Santiago:Rites of Passage by Wayne Chimenti is a good read about the Chimenti's Camino journey in 2002. It is a day-to-day account along with other info about the Camino. I enjoyed this book (Kindle edition)  
BACK TO TOP The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago by David Gitlitz and Linda Kay Davidson is the best source of info about the Camino. The book is filled with history, facts, maps, and information on art, architecture, geology folklore, etc.   Walking the Camino de Santiago by Bethan Davies and Ben Cole is an excellent, well put together guidebook with lots of maps and information.  
  On the Road to Santiago by Bob Tuggle is the first book we read about hiking the Camino, and is still one of our favorites.   The Pilgrim's Guide by William Melczer is a translation of the Codex Calixtinus-the 12th century guide to the Camino. Very interesting reading.  
BACK TO TOP The Way of St. James by Alison Raju is a small guidebook packed with information, maps, etc.   The lonely planet Walking in Spain is a great all around guidebook about Spain. There is also lots of good information on the Camino.  
  A World Lit Only by Fire by William Manchester is a must read if you are going to Europe. This factual history of the medieval world will help the modern day pilgrim understand much of what you see along the Camino.   The Pilgrims' Road to Santiago by Millan Bravo Lozano This guidebook is out of print and hard to find. Some of the information is out of date, but it is still an interesting book and a classic guide to the Camino.  
BACK TO TOP The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett is an interesing novel about medival Europe. Packed with history and information about the construction of Cathedrals and medieval life.   Pilgrims Guide to Spain-The Camino Frances. Great guidebook-updated every year, small and easy to use. Must be ordered from the Confraternity of St. James at www.csj.org.uk
  A Walk Across France by Miles Morland is a great read. Even though it is not on the Camino, any long distance hiker will be able to relate to the day to day adventures of the Morlands.   The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho a metaphysical- spiritual prospective. It is interesting to read as our most of his books  
  The Cactus Eaters by Dan White is a great book about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Humorous and thoughtful, it is a book that I found hard to put down. A must read for anyone interested in long range hiking.   To the Field of Stars by Father Kevin A. Codd is a wonderful book about Father Codd's spiritual and physical journey on the Camino de Santiago in 2003. Father Codd shares tales of other pilgrims, his own challenges and trimuphs, all told with disarming candor. One of the better Camino narratives.  

Day# - From/To - Miles/Km.

BACK TO TOP 1 - St.Jean- Roncesvalles - 16 Miles-25.6 km
2 - Roncesvalles-Zubiri - 14 Miles-22.4 km
3 - Zubiri-Trinidad de Arre - 11 Miles-17.6 km
4 - Trinidad de Arre-Cizur Menor - 6 Miles-9.6 km
5 - Cizur Menor-Puente la Reina - 14 Miles-22.4 km
6 - Puente la Reina-Estella - 13.5 Miles-21.6 km
7 - Estella-Los Arcos - 13 Miles-20.8 km
8 - Los Arcos-Viana - 12 Miles-19.2 km
9 - Viana-Logrono - 5.5 Miles-8.8 km
10-Logrono-Navarrete - 8 Miles-12.8 km
11-Navarrete-Najera - 10.5-16.8
12-Najera-Santo Domingo - 13 Miles-20.8 km
13-Santo Domingo-Belorado - 15 Miles-24 km
14-Belorado-Villafranca de Oca - 7.5 Miles-12 km
15-Villafranca-Burgos(Villafria) - 19 Miles-30.4 km
16-Burgos-Hornillos - 17 Miles-27.2 km
17-Hornillos-Castrojeriz - 13.5 Miles-21.6
18-Castrojeriz-Fromista - 16.5 Miles-26.4 km
19-Fromista-Carrion de los Condes - 12.5 Miles-20 km
20-Carrion-Terradillos de Templarios - 17 Miles-27.2 km
21-Terradillos-El Burgo Ranero - 20 Miles-32 km
22-El Burgo Ranero-Mansilla de los Mulas - 12.5 Miles-20 km
23-Mansilla de los Mulas-Leon - 12 Miles-19.2 km
24-Leon (Sick Day)
25-Leon-Villadangos del Paramo - 13 Miles-20.8 km
26-Villadangos del Paramo-Astorga - 17 Miles-27.2 km
27-Astorga-Rabanal - 14 Miles-22.4 km
28-Rabanal-Molinaseca - 17 Miles-27.2 km
29-Molinaseca-Villafranca - 21 Miles-33.6 km
30-Villafranca-O'Cebreiro - 19 Miles-30.4 km
31-O'Cebreiro-Triacastela - 13 Miles-20.8 km
32-Triacastela-Sarria - 11 Miles-17.6 km
33-Sarria-Portomarin - 14 Miles-22.4 km
34-Portomarin-Palas del Rei - 17 Miles-27.2 km
35-Palas del Rei-Arzua - 18 Miles-28.8 km
36-Arzua-Labacolla - 18.5 Miles-29.6 km
37-Labacolla-Santiago - 6 Miles-9.6 km

Day # - From/To - Miles/Km.

BACK TO TOP 1 - Pamplona
2 - Pamplona-St. Jean Pied de Port (Taxi)
3 - St. Jean Pied de Port-Orisson - 5.5 Miles-8 km
4 - Orrison-Roncesvalles - 10.5 Miles-18 km
5 - Roncesvalles-Larrasoana - 17 Miles-27.5 km
6 - Larrasoana-Pamplona - 12 Miles-20 km
7 - Pamplona- Puente La Reina - 12 Miles-20 km
8 - Puente La Reina-Estella - 13 Miles-22 km
9 - Estella
10-Estella-Burgos (Bus)
13-Burgos-Carrion de los Condes (Bus)
14-Carrion de los Condes-Leon (Bus)
17-Leon-Astorga (Bus)
19-Astorga-Rabanal - 13.7 Miles-22.1 km
20-Rabanal-Molinaseca - 16.3 Miles-26.3 km (Taxi from Acebo-Molinaseca)
22-Molinaseca-Sarria (Bus via Lugo)
24-Sarria-Morgade - 7 Miles-12 km
25-Morgade-Portomarin - 6.5 Miles-10.5 km
26-Portomarin-Ligonde - 9.5 Miles-16 km
27-Ligonde-Palas de Rei - 5.5 Miles-9 km
28-Palas de Rei-Melide - 9.5 Miles-16 km
28-Melide-Arzua - 7.5 Mils-14 km
29-Arzua-Rua - 11 Miles-18 km
30-Rua-Labacolla - 5 Miles-8 km
31-Labacolla-Santiago - 7 Miles-12 km
34-Santiago-Finisterre (Bus)
37-Finisterre-Santiago (Bus)
41-Santiago/Monte Gozo
42-Santiago/Monte Gozo
43-Santiago/Monte Gozo















Pants: ExOfficio Convertible(zip off legs-built in underwear)-3 pair

Shirts: ExOfficio long sleeve collared shirts-2
ExOfficio T-shirts-3
Long sleeve cool max T-shirt

The pants, shirts and T-shirts can be washed in a sink or tub and will dry very quickly.

Boots: Hi-Tec lightweight type boots-replaced insoles with Sof-Sole insoles. Took extra pair of insoles.

Jacket: Mountain Hard-Wear Tempest SL. This jacket is waterproof, has a built in hood, and is very warm-not cheap, but worth the money.

Packs-First trip: Kelty Redwing for me, Kelty Arrowhead W for my wife. Both equiped with hydration systems.

Packs-Second trip: Gregory Reality for me, Gregory Deva 60 for my wife-both with hydration systems.
A note about packs-try on several brands and types-put weights in them at the store and walk around-if it does not fit there it will not fit on the trail. Also, packs are like a garage if it is too large you will find something to put in it. Try to keep the size of the pack and your equipment to a minimum!

Sleeping Bags: REI 40 degree lightweight.

In addition to the above items, we took the following:

BACK TO TOP Guidebook
Walking Stick (collapsible)
Sandals (To wear at the end of the day) Flashlight-Headlamp
Swiss Army Knife
Extra Shoelaces
Camera and Film
Notebook and Pen
Sun Screen
Lightweight Long Johns

Sewing Kit
Extra Glasses
Extra Batteries
Toiletry Items
Fanny packs
Socks(4 pairs)




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